Thursday I wish upon a star
Friday let me see you in my dreams


Krystal is wearing the Moon Crystal Power PUSHBUTTON shirt.

@9:22pm on 21 Jul9+
SAILOR MOON IM;  f(x);  krystal;  


The different levels of LOVE from the Queen of fan-serivce

AGGRESSIVELY CATAPULTS INTO THE SUN BECAUSE THIS WAS AT ME OH GOD i’m crying you guys hyoyeon was doing this to me okay this was the best moment ever, let me just lay here and cry for 34089530948098430985 years

@11:40pm on 20 Jul1748+
oh my god aw;  snsd;  hyoyeon;  fav;  

Touch my body by SISTAR from "TOUCH & MOVE" Album

@10:54pm on 20 Jul1386+
this sounds really good;  sistar;  audio;  
@4:40pm on 19 Jul168+
straight up im scared;  the eyessss;  f(x);  krystal;  
@4:38pm on 19 Jul538+

krystal’s blue contacts were like ice blue they freak me out man

@4:36pm on 19 Jul
too intense;  

Guys this app featurepoints is so cool you literally just download apps and you get points you can redeem for iTunes cards (hell yeah), Amazon cards and PayPal. If you guys go get it and use the code AD15QX you’ll start off with extra points hell yeah (ask me if you have any questions)

@2:57pm on 19 Jul
use my link and i'll literally love you forever and make you a gifset maybe idk just use it please and thank you;  featurepoints;  feature points;  app;  


when you flawlessly execute an insult


@7:03pm on 17 Jul186732+
nana;  fav;  
Inbox me a Kpop group and I’ll tell you:
  • If I’m a fan or not a fan
  • How long I’ve been a fan
  • The first song I heard by them
  • My favourite song as of now
  • The first MV I saw
  • My favourite MV as of now
  • Who my bias is
  • Who my least favourite member is
  • My OTP
  • A pairing I dislike
  • And lastly, an unpopular opinion
@6:58pm on 15 Jul24271+






welp she warned them 

@6:20pm on 15 Jul6163+
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