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Friday let me see you in my dreams



To whoever drew this,



Credit for above photo goes to ^^

@12:04am on 30 Sep989+


the sad thing is jessica went back to korea at 4am to be able to make it to the fan sign but instead she got fired.

@12:04am on 30 Sep421+
press: did yall fire Jessica?
SM Entertainment: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@12:01am on 30 Sep609+

there is a 95% chance i’ll follow back

@11:55pm on 29 Sep1+

follow me on twitter im way more salty about this whole situation @RUNDEVlLRUN

@11:53pm on 29 Sep

jessica grab snsd grab your sister grab everyone at SM and then grab your richass boyfriend and start a new company and run SM into the ground

@11:51pm on 29 Sep27+
snsd;  jessica;  jessica jung;  


you can’t spell embarrassment without sm ent

@11:40pm on 29 Sep27075+
fav mutual: [likes one post i made]
me: what are we
@11:33pm on 29 Sep24067+
wtf is going on

every jessica stan right now (via jekrystal)
@11:33pm on 29 Sep891+

thanks for confirming that there will be another episode for ‘the taetiseo’ but for not being clear about the whole jessica situation. letting us know about that was really a big help, thank you so much, sm.

@11:31pm on 29 Sep192+
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