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Yoona & Sunny - SBS Roommate next ep preview

@11:36am on 16 Oct56+
yoona is like clinging onto youngji at the end OMG CUTIES;  
@6:55pm on 15 Oct758+
@6:50pm on 15 Oct131+


These aren’t Yoona’s exact leggings, but a nice cheaper alternative. They are the Cartoon Print Leggings.

@6:50pm on 15 Oct2+


You can get also get Sohyun’s Oversize Caged-Sleeves Sweatshirt at OASAP. It’s a much cheaper deal.

@6:49pm on 15 Oct3+

error // youngji focus (requested by mynameisesther)

@6:31pm on 15 Oct201+

MV to movie poster: 21. ERROR 

@11:10pm on 14 Oct825+
vixx;  pretty;  
don’t ever forget me, don’t ever erase me
@5:18pm on 13 Oct1267+
vixx;  hongbin;  kara;  youngji;  
tell me on anon which tumblr user u have a crush on
@11:52pm on 12 Oct58272+

"In honor of your friendship you should let her do a low kick on you!"

@11:45pm on 12 Oct741+
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